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No rest for the wicked, which in this case means no sleep for me... thankfully I am a caffeine addict, so staying awake is not impossible. And as a matter of fact, I did make a run out to the grocery store for Coca-Cola @ 12:30 AM, thank you. Anyways, the basic re-arrangement of the office is completed... not sure how the new desk is going to work out as a typing/mousing surface, as it is not as wide as the old banquet table I was using and THAT was cramped. However, the overall arrangement of the room works better, and the new desk is more space efficient.

Of course, one of my UPS decided that today was a good day to die, so I'm not powered optimally here... and I finally said "screw it" and just ran a network cable from the wireless access point to the switch on the desk (yes, there is a good reason for this). So I have network access, and can now focus on sorting through the crap in my office (and the stuff in the living room that will be coming to roost in my office). Gotta finish picking up the house tonight, since Mike and Nikki are heading over on Friday.

Ok, must hit the shower, as I positively reek. Then to dig out and quickly fill out the paperwork for my orthopedic consultation, and run the hell outta here. TTFN!

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Just a brief note... I'm waiting for the tea to steep sufficiently to make a big mug of icy goodness. Sleep did not come until almost 5 AM(!), so I did not rouse from the bed until 3:30 PM(!!). Even though I still have stuff to do for Balticon, I have reached a point where I can't work in my office until the clutter is cleared. As a result, I'm proceeding with the planned re-arrannging of furniture and other items within the office. It was a little over a year ago that [livejournal.com profile] tth helped me relocate from the basement to the small bedroom upstairs ([livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac has taken over the space vacated downstairs for the most part to use as studio space, but I still have crap in there that needs to find a home), and it is time to shake things up again.

Once I've got the debris cleared, I'll probably take some "before" pictures prior to actually moving furniture and deploying a new desk, and then I'll take some "after" pictures. Tomorrow I will probably need to make a trip out to get rods for hanging door curtains, as part of the renovations involve the removal of the door - it consumes too much space, and I rarely truly have the need for closing the door anyway.

Change is inevitable. Struggling against it is futile. Go with the flow.


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