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FlyLady Day 2 - Getting Dressed to the Shoes

I reckon the FlyLady and I are going to have to agree to disagree on the lace-up shoes. I grok the getting up and getting dressed first thing in the morning - there is a subconscious kick in the butt that comes from shedding the clothes in which you slept and donning clothing that says "I am ready to get things done!". Whether it is getting up and taking a shower and getting dressed for work right away, or putting on clothes for the purposes of exercise that you will trade for work clothes after your post-workout shower, you are making a committment to get it in gear.

That being said, I am not a shoes person. Period. I keep a pair of Birks under the desk at work for those days when it is too cold or too wet to wear Birks to the office. My feet need to breathe, and even though the carpet in the house is in need of replacement after almost 15 years of wear and tear, we try to avoid wearing shoes in the house. I do typically put on a pair of flip-flops when I get up in the morning, or after I've taken my socks off when I get home.

I do have a couple observations on the effect of the shiny sink. First, it seems to encourage putting dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher (assuming the dishwasher is empty or contains other dirty dishes). Second, with a two-sided sink, one side is available for holding dishes that have been washed and need to be rinsed while the other is being used for washing. Just about all of the items requiring hand washing are now clean, which means I have now reached "critical mass" - I must now empty cabinets, weed through what is disgorged with extreme predjudice, and figure out how what remains will be organized. I will be heading down to The Container Store first thing in the AM to scope out possible organizational aids, and will come back via Home Despot to look for shelves to hold [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac's plants above the sink since that is the only window in the house that gets really good sunlight.

And when I get up in the morning, I will be putting on flip-flops.

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FlyLady Day 1 - Shine Your Sink

So, I said I was going to do it... more as a promise to myself than anything else, and because both [livejournal.com profile] wouldyoeva and my therapist made a point of directing me to FlyLady as a good place to start for help on tackling the clutter issues. Since I had decided to focus on the contents and organization of the kitchen this weekend anyway, and since the first step along the FlyLady path is shining the sink, it seemed like setting Saturday as a starting point was a good idea.

I did not take "before" pictures - some dirty laundry is not to be aired. However, I did take "after" pictures, and it does indeed shine. The finish is nicked and scratched after almost 15 years of use and abuse, but there is still some shine left in it.

The OLYMPUS site is slower'n molasses in January, so I will have to post the pictures separately. Major thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pafischer and his lovely wife for the recommendation on the camera (website speed notwithstanding) - I am VERY happy with my Stylus 820.

In addition to shining the sink, I got dishes washed. There are still some in the queue that require handwashing, but dammit they can wait until tomorrow. Amidst this I emptied all three of the "junk drawers" in the kitchen, filling half a green trashbag with debris, and starting a box for Goodwill. The assault on the cabinet above the microwave was started, and what few items are left on top of the microwave will find a new home in the AM.

In the morning I shall spend some time tending to my office so that I have a place to meditate, review some stuff from [livejournal.com profile] kcs_slayve and then the next stage of the assault on the kitchen will begin. The island in the center of the kitchen is covered by items from the junk drawers awaiting new homes, the emptied drawers await a good cleaning, the dining room table must be cleared, the cabinets will be emptied and the contents thinned with the excess going into the Goodwill box. Then there shall be a field trip to The Container Store and perhaps other places for things to help organize the kitchen.



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