Sep. 2nd, 2007

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I didn't get a chance to post this last night, so I'm sending it out of my queue while I get ready to start work in earnest on the house. Here are some links that particularly captured me interest this week, with a snippet of my thoughts on the issue each of them are addressing. No particular order, except maybe which tab was open...

  • China to Regulate Re-incarnation: We invade Iraq, we send troops to Darfur, we chastise the Israelies and Palestinians for not playing nice. Anyone heard anything from the U.S. about how China has been systematically dismantling the civil rights of a sovereign nation that China invaded for no other reason than to gain access to its natural resources, and how China has infiltrated the Buddhist monasteries with so-called monks who owe their allegiances to the Chinese Communist Party? No? Neither have I... because we'll f*ck with countries that are smaller than us, but we won't f*ck with a country that seriously put a hurt on us.

  • The Teamsters have sworn to fight allowing Mexican truckers unfettered access to U.S. highways: Despite their sabre rattling, there is more to this than the very salient points being made about environmental controls and lack of familiarity with U.S. traffic laws. We're afraid of internationalization, because of the perception that it will lower our standard of living, because we will be forced to compete. No simple answer here, really.

  • Terrorism Policy Splits Democratic Party: This truly underscores one of the biggest problems with our current political system - policy being made based on fear of not being re-elected, rather than based on what is the right thing to do for this country. I have two words for you that might just help fix this mess: term limits.

  • Immigration Fight Moves to Colleges: Ok, once again we have demagougery (sp?) and blatant pandering to conservative voters piled onto an issue that is already a hot button for many. Let me make myself perfectly clear on where I stand on this issue folks )

  • Senator Craig Announces Resignation: I can't even take pleasure in this sort of thing anymore. The sheep in this country continue to be homophobic, because people are afraid of who they are... self-denial is a horrible thing.

  • DNC Op-Ed on Flawed Primary Calendar: Sing it, sister! Just another reminder of how totally screwed up our political system has become. Admit it Florida - it isn't about choosing the best candidate, it is about focusing attention on your state for financial gain. Assholes.

  • Patent trolls go after big names for automated e-mail patent infringement: I have said it before, and I will say it again. The U.S. patent system needs to be overhauled, and the first thing that needs to be tossed are software and business process patents. The next thing that needs to happen is a "if you don't implement it in X years, your patent goes away" clause, so these bottom feeders can get stuffed.

  • SFWA Abuses the DMCA: Thanks to [ profile] hughcasey for this link. Just another example of folks overstepping their bounds, and of how an organization one would THINK should be forward thinking (Science Fiction Writers) can display a decided lack of tech savvy.

  • And from today's CNN, two sides of the coin: North Korea agrees to dismantle nuke program, whileIran announces that it has reached its goal of 3000 centrifuges for enriching uranium. Wow. What package did we offer North Korea, and why aren't we offering it to Iran? I mean, they're two components of the Axis of Evil, right? Sheesh...

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Just installed my LJ client (Phoenix for those of you might be interested) on my MacBook Pro, and am testing it out.


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