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Daecabhir is Tolkien Elvish for "Lord of the Leaping Shadows", which was given to me by a High Elf whom I used to surprise online a long, long time ago when 300 baud dial-up was the fastest speed possible for mere mortals

Thank you good sir, wherever you may be. You gave me quite a conversation piece, that has become my online identity.

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I identified with Eyeore. I suspect many of us did. But my mom identified me with Tigger. I believe it had something to do with my hyperactivity.
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  • Went to bed after midnight, at home, alone, and not in the best of head spaces
  • Hit the snooze bar several times, because I had unrealistic expectations for the day
  • After breakfast, succumbed to urge to lay back down for another hour
  • Screwed off the rest of the day, still not in the best of head spaces
  • Got my act together and headed to Baltimore for Ikebana lesson and arranging flowers for the center
  • Had Ikebana lesson, arranged flowers for reception area and helped teacher with arrangements for shrine room, then cleaned up the mess generated by arranging flowers
  • Chatted with dharma brothers David and Peter, and dharma sisters Cynthia and Melanie
  • Came home, fighting the drowsies, took sleep meds, read e-mail, read some more of Scott Sigler's CONTAGIOUS, and went to bed without setting an alarm, perhaps in a better head space than the start of the day

Looks like 2009 will not be that much different from 2008, if one believes such things.


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