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...but to quote Tee Morris, this is proof that David Tennant "gets it"... LMMFAO.

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Most people don't know that I am an afficianado of the bass guitar. Can't play worth a damn, but I truly appreciate the mad skills of bassists like Chris Squire (Yes), Geddy Lee (Rush), Flea (RHCP) and Stuart Hamm. I am now going to have to hunt down some more stuff by Ric Fierabracci... damn.

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From a tweet by Evo Terra , I humbly submit Pierre Bernards Recliner of Rage - Dragon*Con Edition. Dear ghod.
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Today is the first day of a three day weekend dedicated to "tying up loose ends" such as taxes, general clutter and the like. As my brain adjusts to being upright, I figured I would snag some low hanging fruit by closing some browser tabs and sharing some humor that's been piling up this week in my browser. It's a mixed bag, but hey, so am I! So without any further ado, and in no particular order:

  • From my Twitter friends comes Girls Drawin Girls. Probably NSFW, this is a cartoon/manga pin-up project of women through the ages drawn by women. Some very nice artwork there, along with the obligatory fan service.

  • From [livejournal.com profile] pafischer via his Twitter feed, we give you this sign that should be hanging up over every self-respecting tech's desk.

  • Also from Duck Boy, this video he took along the road to the 2007 Worldcon that he prefaced with "Mini G's new girlfriend?". Can you say "stereo" boys and girls?

  • From the Twitter feed of Evo Terra for all you WordPress junkies, I give you the Douche Bag plug-in.

  • The LJ-less Sherri ([livejournal.com profile] boozeandmixer, you need to do something about that) sent us along a link to Wii Damage after we spent a nice chunk of time burning in the new Wii here in Fredneck. Tales of woe they are... no wonder we'll be re-arranging the rec room on Monday!

  • Also from the Short One, a NSFW parody of the Apple "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials - I'm a Wii, I'm a PS3. I highly recommend not drinking anything while watching this folks... in fact, you probably want to empty your bladder beforehand while you're at it.

  • After watching the video from Sherri, I clicked on one of the other links and saw this gem. Wait for it - the punchline is worth it. Not right.

  • And finally I must say damn you Activision!!! I'm not even finished with the original Guitar Hero!

More links later... some items of a more serious nature, because there were quite a few things in the news to put a twist in my knickers this week, along with a few things that made me feel better.


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