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I believe that Mur Lafferty's "trimuvirate of uns" Tweet says it all: unexpected, unpleasant, unhappy. I got an unexpected and unpleasant surprise today, and boy did it make me unhappy. Yes, this is grist for the practice mill, but I had my moments of pure irritation before I got down to dealing with things in a nice, sane manner.

Cut to save the uninterested from excessive bitching and moaning, and a long post about plumbing... )

And so I am having a beer to celebrate. There are other things to be done around here tonight, but for the moment I am having a beer. Moorhouse's Blond Bitch to be exact, which I suspect is an export version of their Blond Witch, or perhaps a label mis-print. It is a light-bodied blond ale that is tasty, and would be very appropriate on a hot day. Nummers!

Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

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...and I am not even gonna ask for a friggin' refund. My list of grievances is not short, but it is distinguished... )
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In reference to [livejournal.com profile] boozeandmixer's comment on my previous car-related post, that's the finger they're "pointing" with. Was almost out the door when [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac called to let me know that my car (which she was driving so I could have AC, wonderful wife that she is) had a flat tire. So I changed clothes and headed up to change the tire, and bring it back to Fredneck to get the tire plugged (since it looked like it had just picked up a nail). But apprarently I have angered/aggravated the PTBs, because the sidewalls were damaged during the process of the tire going flat, so both rear tires must be replaced.


So today I will be working from home, as I wait for my car to be usable. I can ill afford to not be in the office today, but at least I can get a couple things done around here while I wait, and I can do some research I needed to do for work anyway. And maybe I can go test drive the Jetta Wagon today, and I still need to vote in the city primary elections. And I got a walk in the park on the way home from the tire place.

In other news, "A Passage to Bangkok" rocks... not that this is really news, but I was listening to it on my iPod on the way back from picking up my car from [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac, and it is just one of those songs that stands the test of time... actually, the whole damn "2112" album kicks major ass, FWIW.

Oh well... coffee break's over... back on yer heads!


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