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I haven't been able to run down the comment you made on one of my posts where you suggested a Mac OS X replacement for Visio. When you see this, could you please comment again here? kthxbye.

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Ok folks, I'm looking for some informed opinions on the following tech items. Suggestions on brand/model and where to purchase would all be appreciated where appropriate. Your thoughts on the relative usefulness of items, or your experiences with them would also be gratefully appreciated.
  • scanners - I would like to obtain a good quality color flatbed scanner with a USB 2.0 interface. The primary use for this would be scanning in color and black & white photos and line art.

  • Used / refurbished PlayStation 2 - I already own one that I bought new, but I am thinking that I want a second one because there are two types of gaming I want to do. First, I want to keep a PS2 hooked up to the TV downstairs for DDR and perhaps some shoot-em-up games that require a tube TV (i.e., uses a light gun). But I would also like to hook up a PS2 to my gear in my office so that I can play Guitar Hero and some other games on my LCD monitor without having to go downstairs. Yeah, I am lazy, so bite me.

  • Diskkeeper - As in, does anyone use this product, and how is it better than what Windows XP Pro provides natively?

  • Snort & Ethereal - We're seeing alot of bandwidth suckage, and I'd like to know if it is because of unauthorized or otherwise suspect traffic via Wifi or an infected box. So I'd like to plug something into the hub we have between the cable modem and the Linksys cable modem router (and later put something between the Wifi box and the router) to get a handle on what is going on. Anyone doing something like this? I am assuming that I should be able to use something like Snort and Ethereal on my 15 inch TiBook, since Unix is Unix is dog-meat, but correct me if I am wrong.

Ok, enough for now... must go set up the new bird feeder, and address the dishes, recycling and trash. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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This will be brief, because I have a garbage disposal and a humidifier to install today. However, I felt the need to share my general disgust with the state of computer software and the 1d10t programmers who write said software. As some of you know, I am a software engineer are a programmer write code for a living, and I understand what goes into making software happen. Hence the reason for my frustration - I know that software doesn't have to be crappy, it just comes out that way because (a) some coders are lazy, (b) some coders are morons, and (c) managemnt never gives you enough time to do things right much less do them over.

My current frustration has to do with Windows programmers who chose not to honor things like system default font sizes, and then don't provide you with a way to adjust the font sizes within the application... we'll talk about web developers who still use graphical text buttons assuming a given resolution along with OS X and it's apparent unwillingness to let me change the overall default font size some other time. See, I bought a 23" widescreen SONY display for my Windblows boxen, and one of the programs I rely on the most is pissing me off on a daily basis because there is no way to bump the font size it uses. The optimal resolution for the display is 1600 x 1200, and is generally fine when using most programs because they honor my adjustments to the display appearances... I like the idea of putting up two pages on the screen for side-by-side review dammit.

The culprit? Franklin-Covey's Planning Software. Yes, I know this is an "old" application by most standards, but if the latest release was in 2003 I think it is not unreasonable to expect a certain level of compliance with Windblows standards that have been around for eons at this point. And for the record, I did actually download and check out the latest iteration of the software (Plan Plus), but I'm not terribly thrilled with it because it won't let me set the view the way I want to - as in, I want to see today's task list, but the week's events... but it wants to make me use a day view OR a week view for BOTH. The developers have probably had enough time management training and now need to spend some time going to user interface design school. The problem is, no other PIM really focuses on a daily approach to planning, and I am used to the damned software. If the boneheads would have just simply complied with the OS standards, I'd be fine.

*sigh* Anyway, must go work on the disposal...


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