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Icicles hang from lattices
Crystaline evidence of freezing rain
Snowflakes fall from leaden clouds
Frozen gusts lash trees with sheets of white
Winter is not yet ready to leave the stage

Neighborhood birds come and go
Different shapes, sizes, colors all
Sharing a meal strewn o'er the snow
Feathered bodies seemingly immune to cold
Tiny hearts fueled by seeds and nuts consumed

Winged dancers on the wind
Never staying long in one place
Complex alien politics are played out
Of food there is plenty, for large and small
Still, squabbles arise; this perch is better than that one

Squirrels visited, dined earlier
Most brown furred, one distinctly black
Seeds on snow easier prey than seed nut block
None attempt to oust the fluffy tailed interlopers
Rather some brave souls share the afternoon repast

Spring is soon to arrive
Then opportunities to smell the roses
Flowers slumber, blooms soon to awaken
Yet wild creatures remind by simply being
Life is ever present, even at Winter's curtain call

Photos courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac, with some amateur Photoshopping by yours truly. It was snowing, and the wild things were having a grand old time... it's kind of a "pay back" for putting out the feed, watching them out the window.

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You know that it isn't just a "film" of ice on top of the snow when you can stand on an inch or two of snow without breaking through the ice, especially if you weigh in excess of 200 lbs. Of course, it doesn't help that the snow appears to be sandwhiched between two layers of ice, so breaking it loose of the concrete or tarmac is not an easy chore. I cleared the steps and stoop with a flat bladed garden spade and a snow shovel, and said "fark it". I can either deal with it now with the snow thrower, hoping that it will break up the ice (I have a heavy duty one, so it might), or deal with it in the AM in the same manner, or just throw up my hands in disgust. Personally, I am liking door #3 Monty, but the City of Frederick has been pissy about people not clearing their sidewalks. FPITA.

Helped two folks get their cars into the ruts so that they could get out of the neighborhood... the crap that is thick on the road right now is just awful, icky stuff. I am hoping the city comes through with the damned plows tonight, and salts heavily. Otherwise the drive out of here tomorrow is going to suck.

Anyways, must tackle various house chores and con stuff, since I have some time. Slept for three hours or so today, but am still tired, which makes me wonder if I'm not still fighting something. Methinks a shower is in order, and then to work... TTFN.

Snow Day!

Feb. 14th, 2007 08:39 am
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My customer is closed due to nasty weather conditions, so I get a snow day. After I post this I am going to indulge, and go back to bed. Yeah, I got stuff I need to do, but I need the sleep more. Not sure what this does to my schedule for the rest of the week, but I ain't gonna worry about that right now.

Last night's ride home was not fun. A combination of taking [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac to her post-op appointment (good thing: she can start putting pressure on her left foot, and she can drive) and not having my act together made for a late arrival at work, consequently made for a late departure from work. Roads coming in yesterday were clear, roads coming home last night were not. Average speed on I-70 W towards Fredneck was 45 MPH, with periods as low as 25 MPH when the group of vehicles I was "in" was behind a row of salt trucks. Once past MD 94, the conditions pretty much took a nose dive, and from MD 75 into town I was pretty much on hard pack snow and ice. With the exception of a couple truckers flying by and spraying crud all over my windshield and one or two slowpokes I had to go around, I thankfully had the road pretty much to myself. Normal transit time is about one hour, it took about one and a half to make it to the Fredneck city limits, so I will count myself lucky.

So, if you were lucky enough to get to stay home today too, go back to bed. When you get up, spend some quality time with the warm wintertime beverage of your choice and relax. At least for a little bit. TTFN


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