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Six hours of sleep was all I could do... wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that all I have done the past couple days is nap in between checking e-mail and futzing with the intrawebz, would it? Woke up with a bit of a hacking cough, driven by a good sized ball of phlegm that was demanding release from my chest / throat, along with its cousin that followed suit shortly thereafter. And at some point this morning (I remember it happening, I just didn't bother to check the clock) while shifting my position in bed I heard / felt a cracking in the area where the left leg intersects with the whole hip / pelvis assembly, and I'm sore in that joint for the nonce. Karma, but as a result of what past action(s) I am not exactly clear on at the moment.

So, I'm going to take it easy for a little bit... deal with some things online that don't require as much movement. At some point however I am going to have to do some lifting and moving of things, because the Rampaging Anarchist Horde and Floating Gaming Party will be descending upon the house in a week, and the house is a disaster. First priority will be to clear some room in my office, so I can sort through stuff that is in the closet and in the living room, with a goal of actually getting rid of things. Check this blog later - I may be putting some things up for grabs that could be of interest to some of you.

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The crud will not get itself gone, in spite of sleeping most of the day away, consuming liquids and trying to stay warm. It is teh suck. [hacks up another ball of phlegm] Damn Snot Gnomes... this is truly no fun. I reckon I'll be sucking down more fluids and vitamins whilst I stay inside where it is warm. Piss, Moan, Whine.

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I reckon it was inevitable. The first week of dathun I came down with the dathun equivalent of Con Crud - 40 people in close quarters all day, you are bound to catch something. So my body finally figured out it was home, and decided it didn't like the Maryland air, and now I have a head cold. I've been too awake to lay down, which is ironic since I couldn't get to sleep until 4 AM because of re-entry stress. But I'm wore down enough, and have taken my echinnecea and golden seal, so I'm going to bed for a bit.


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