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So I installed the fog-free mirror in the shower, which achieves foglessness by taking a feed from the shower water by being in-line with the showerhead and the fixture. The current mirror unfortunately seems to be up too high (the arm is too short), and the water feed splashes out the back of the mirror. I'm going to try it a couple days to see if it just takes adjusting to, or if I need to look further (hey man, it was at Wal*Fart).

That being said, I think I like the shaving in the shower bit. Less hassle, and no real problems (other than craning my neck a bit) with the shave. Encouraging indeed.

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So I was reading [livejournal.com profile] punkwalrus's confession in this post, and it caused me to think back to my own adolescent experiences with the sprouting of hair in places that once were bare. In short, I am a walking example of the saying "Be careful what you wish for, as you may well get it." Cut for slight TMI factor, and to spare those who might be bored by details of my teen years... )

Anyway, I've avoided work long enough... need to get some things done, so I'll talk about the trials and tribulations of long hair some other time. TTFN!

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I asked the men types on my f-list yesterday about shaving in the shower. The interesting similarities were:
  • Everyone uses Gillette razors. I find this interesting because I too use Gillette razors exclusively, mainly because every time I have tried a Shick razor I end up cutting myself.

  • Everyone seems to use the foam or gel that is on sale. Here I am exactly the opposite - I use Edge Gel for Sensitive Skin exclusively.

  • Most folks shave their faces by feel in the shower. Given the number of gents on my f-list who have facial hair (largely goatees), I find this kind of amazing. I'm almost positive I would screw something up (especially since I maintain a beard).

I'll probably go looking for a fog-free mirror to try in the shower. Even if it saves me 5 minutes in the morning when shaving to do it in the shower, I am all for it. If anyone has more to add on this topic, please feel free to comment... and thank you to the gents who lent me the benefit of their personal experience on this topic.


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