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Tonight's pet peeve: rude motherf_ckers. You know who you are, or perhaps (which would explain alot) you don't. Perhaps you're too ignorant to recognize just how rude you are... so here are some hints:

  • If you are too lazy to take your grocery cart to a corral or back to the front of the store, leaving it in the middle of a parking lot for someone else to put away, you're a rude motherf_cker. I don't want to hear any BS about being in a hurry or having to deal with rug rats. Put the shopping cart away when you are done with it, you douchebag.

  • If you try to step into the elevator from the hallway before the doors are all the way open, and don't even bother to say "excuse me" when you almost walk into the people trying to get out of the elevator - you guessed it: you're a rude motherf_cker. Especially you repeat offenders who can't seem to learn no matter how many dirty looks you get. Assholes.

  • if you are riding my ass while I am in the rightmost of three lanes of traffic while I am doing the speed limit and there are two other clear lanes in which you could pass me, which you finally do after looking all pissed off that I didn't get out of your way, not only are you a rude motherf_cker, you're a lobotomized retard whose parents obviously were more closely related than second cousins.

  • If you have used a toilet in the public restroom and you don't even bother to look at the sink much less make a token attempt at washing your hands, you are the rudest of motherf_ckers. No excuses are remotely viable for this bahvior - it is unsanitary, and shows a complete and utter lack of couth. If I encounter you in a social setting that involves shaking hands or eating food, everyone will know that you are "that guy" - the one who doesn't wash his hands.

Thanks for listening - I had to get that off my chest.

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Whichever of you thought that actually having to click on the goddamn title bar for the window to make the browser window active in release 2.0.x for Mac OS X was a good idea, it wasn't. Assholes.
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People like Virgil Goode make my blood boil. This asshat needs to step down from his seat in Congress if he truly believes that the election of Muslims to Congress is somehow a sign of the imminent Apocalypse. Nevermind the fact that a Muslim swearing an oath on a Christian bible is a joke, but don't you think he'd be more likely to keep that oath of office if he swore on the holy scripture in which he espouses faith? I mean, how the fuck does this clown justify such a bigoted, narrow-minded view in a country where freedom of religion is [obstensibly] a cornerstone of the inalienable rights to which each and every one of us is entitled?

Right. Apparently I forgot that this is a Christian country, or so a certain vocal segment of the Christians in this country would have you believe. Of course, I think if Christ were asked his opinion on that matter, he'd probably call bullshit on it. This country conducts itself in line with basic Christian ideals the same way that the sun rises in the West and sets in the East... as in, it doesn't. This country is so far from the basic principles of love each other and do no harm that it isn't even funny.

I find it more than a little hypocritical of this country to be so opposed to countries establishing religious governments, when the Republicans have been trying to do this for years right here in the U. S. of A. You think I'm kidding? Do these little agenda items sound familiar - school prayer, outlawing abortion, banning stem cell research, vouchers for religious schools? See, it's wrong for a government to be tightly linked to a religion, unless it is the God-fearing United States of America.

What I do not understand is the apparent dichotomy between the belief these vocal Christians espouse that their's is the one true God, and the way these same people act like their beliefs are threatened to be wiped out by the actions of non-believers. Want to put religious materials in the school's weekend packet? Sure, but the pagans get to put their stuff in there too... surprised? It doesn't say "freedom of Christian religion", it says "freedom of religion", period. Oh we can't our children exposed to that! Shit people, if you are so convinced that you have the one true God and the one true faith, what the hell are you worries about? It is all about control, and I don't think there is any organized religion that does not or has not suffered from this element of basic human nature. We fear change, we fear loss of relevance, and therefore we defend that which defines us, to the death if necessary.

I'm not sure what bug crawled up Virgil Goode's ass on this particular issue, but this is the sort of shit that people outside of this country point to when stating that we are anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-anything-but-WASP. All I know is that anyone who is in a position of public responsibility who espouses such a blatantly bigoted and devisive point of view needs to no longer be in such a position. Because as long as he is, some mis-guided youngster is going to think that such a person's actions say that it is ok to discriminate against someone because of their race, color, religion or creed.

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Yeah, I'm in a bit of a mood this morning... nothing like having to be up early in order to spend money. The new Goodyear Assurance TripleTred tires arrived Monday, and so the dealership is installing them while I sit here at home waiting for "the call" signifiying that the car is ready. At least in the end this was cheaper than buying them locally, since for less than what I could have gotten just the tires, I am also getting an all wheel alignment (the car has almost 40k miles on it, in just under 14 months of road time, so having the alignment done with the installation of the new tires kind of makes sense).

The money spending doesn't end there of course... additional background noise is being provided in the form of the ducts being cleaned. It has been a while since they've been given a good shakedown, and they're getting the full treatment this morning, in hopes that the cleaning will help with the state of [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac's allergies. Along with the spending of the money comes the providing access to ducts and vents, which meant another exercise in "Where do I put all this crap?". Time will need to be set aside between now and the end of the year to methodically go through the many boxes, stacks and piles with extreme predjudice to eliminate stuff. I've also got to make time to get some furniture over to [livejournal.com profile] tth and [livejournal.com profile] aylinn, take photos of things to send to [livejournal.com profile] evawhitley and my cousin Kym to see if they [still] want the items in question, and generally get things out of the house.

Speaking of time, that's at the top of my ain't-gonna-get-what-you-asked-for-hope-you-like-switches-ashes-and-coal Christmas list. Or I'll just settle for Uncle Omar's gold watch. Whatever works, because when you get right dwn to it, nothing has really changed about the day-to-day of my day-to-day... the hurrier I go, the behinder I get. I now have a little more insight into the "why" of this that goes a bit beyond the obvious level of over-commitment, but I'll address that in a later post. Suffice it to say that procrastination is a symptom, not the cause.

Speaking again of time, or time management, I'll briefly revisit my annoyance with the current crop of time mangement software. I took [livejournal.com profile] evilpassion8's suggestion, and checked out AnyTime as a potential resolution to my ongoing irritation with Franklin-Covey software. Unfortunately, it doesn't do what I want either... decent enough program, but it doesn't quite work the way I need it to either. I may throw my hands up in the air and go with Franklin-Covey's PlanPlus, and deal with the switching to weekly or monthly view when I want to see what is coming up. Bloody inconvenient, and I will be bitching at Franklin-Covey to allow a different Calendar view alongside the Daily Tasks view. If I were idependently wealthy and/or didn't have an assload of commitments hanging over me I'd write something that does things the way I work, with enough flexibility that others could use it. Dream on.

Still no phone call from the dealer. I need to grab something to eat, and grab a quick shower. TTFN.

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This will be brief, because I have a garbage disposal and a humidifier to install today. However, I felt the need to share my general disgust with the state of computer software and the 1d10t programmers who write said software. As some of you know, I am a software engineer are a programmer write code for a living, and I understand what goes into making software happen. Hence the reason for my frustration - I know that software doesn't have to be crappy, it just comes out that way because (a) some coders are lazy, (b) some coders are morons, and (c) managemnt never gives you enough time to do things right much less do them over.

My current frustration has to do with Windows programmers who chose not to honor things like system default font sizes, and then don't provide you with a way to adjust the font sizes within the application... we'll talk about web developers who still use graphical text buttons assuming a given resolution along with OS X and it's apparent unwillingness to let me change the overall default font size some other time. See, I bought a 23" widescreen SONY display for my Windblows boxen, and one of the programs I rely on the most is pissing me off on a daily basis because there is no way to bump the font size it uses. The optimal resolution for the display is 1600 x 1200, and is generally fine when using most programs because they honor my adjustments to the display appearances... I like the idea of putting up two pages on the screen for side-by-side review dammit.

The culprit? Franklin-Covey's Planning Software. Yes, I know this is an "old" application by most standards, but if the latest release was in 2003 I think it is not unreasonable to expect a certain level of compliance with Windblows standards that have been around for eons at this point. And for the record, I did actually download and check out the latest iteration of the software (Plan Plus), but I'm not terribly thrilled with it because it won't let me set the view the way I want to - as in, I want to see today's task list, but the week's events... but it wants to make me use a day view OR a week view for BOTH. The developers have probably had enough time management training and now need to spend some time going to user interface design school. The problem is, no other PIM really focuses on a daily approach to planning, and I am used to the damned software. If the boneheads would have just simply complied with the OS standards, I'd be fine.

*sigh* Anyway, must go work on the disposal...

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I will say again, in summary: if you are legally elligible to vote, get your ass out to the polls in the interim elections. If you are fed up with the status quo and the antics of Dubya and his ultra-conservative right wing cronies, take this opportunity to send a clear and resounding message by casting your vote for change. Do NOT let apathy settle in, do NOT let the village idiot win just because you couldn't be bothered to vote. Make the time, stand in line, and exercise the right you have as a US citizen that so many men and women have died to protect.
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By way of /., something for you all to chew on: Congress and Dubya continue to erode our civil rights and move us closer to a police state. For fuck's sake, how much more of our essential liberties are we going to have to give up in the name of so-called-security before people realize that they're giving up a legacy for which so many men and women have given their lives to protect?

The worst part about this is that the lone dissenter in this travesty didn't even make a huge fuss to the media outlets. Folks, if there was any doubt in your mind that we need to "clean house" in Washington, this kind of crap should wipe those doubts from your mind.

I am so damned aggravated I can barely see straight... guess it is time to go do some manual labor to work off the stress.

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You've read my rants on the topic of how we are no safer now than we were before all the happy horseshit that Dubya and his cronies have implemented (i.e., the oxymoronic "Patriot Act", the flouting of international laws with regards to human rights and treatment of prisoners, the invasion of Iraq). So I am not terribly surprised by this latest report from national security analysts. You mean our actions have actually galvanized our enemies? You mean our words and deeds have made us even more of a target? You mean our Command in Chief has his head lodged so far up his ass he's a human Moebius Strip? Fucking DUH!!

I'm not sure what makes me more disgusted: the fact that so many of the sheep in this country blindly follow that retard in the White House, or the fact that they're so goddamned belligerent to anyone who dares to suggest that the U S of A has actually taken a wrong-headed course of action. If you're so cocksure about this, take your ass down to the local Armed Services recruiting station and sign up to take the place of some poor soldier who has spent enough time risking their life for you assholes. Christ on a crutch, what is it going to take to get through to you fucking morons?

Breathe in. Breathe out. Calm down.

Thank Ghod I don't run into too many of those sheep. I'm in a foul enough mood these days to probably get my ass kicked but good by some dumbass redneck fundie who believes that we hve a Ghod-given right to invade another sovereign nation with suspect intelligence data. Fucktards.

A-n-y-way. I took that nap, and am on track to be up all night working on the house. [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac and [livejournal.com profile] vandaluna apparently had a good time with Miz Malena today, and are off to some "Tolkien-esque" restaurant at Malena's recommendation. [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac appears to be having laptop issues, so she may be off to the Apple Store while she is out there in LA. Dinner tonight was lamb in the form of an organic arm steak, with a red potato... a little later I will have some salad, and later still I will have some fruit. I opened up a bottle of Fiore (a local Maryland winery) Chambourcin, but methinks perhaps that it was skunked... crud around the inside of the cork and a very bitter taste. The bottle of 2002 Yellow Tail Shiraz was much better.

Enough screwing around... I need to get back to dishes, laundry and my office... another floor unit and a wall-mount folding table to put in, along with making room for clearing the rest of my stuff out of my old office/[livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac's new sewing/craft/art studio. TTFN...


May. 10th, 2006 10:00 am
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Folks, I am here to tell you that if an 8 year old knows enough to allegedly sexually assualt a classmate, someone needs to put the parents under a microscope. There is just no damn excuse for this, and pretty few explanations, all of which involve a failure in parenting. Geebus.

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Well, it's April 18, the uber-extended filing date for 2005 income taxes (because we live in Maryland, dontcha know). It should come as no surprise to ANYONE that we're totally behind, and are requesting a filing extension for the second year in a row - and this even though we use an accountant! Ugh... I hate paperwork, and tracking paperwork, and all that jazz. But what really sucks (and underscores why we use an accountant) is the voodoo arithmetic that seems to be required when figuring out how much one owes and how much one can deduct... lessee, subtract line 20 from line 19, and if the moon is currently waxing multiply by 0.95, otherwise multiply by 1.0475... WTF???

Anyways, we had to do the rough math to see if we owed anything so we would know whether or not to send a payment. It appears we owe the feds, but the state owes us, and the net is at least in our favor in terms of refunds. Unlike [livejournal.com profile] mazinger_z, who appears to be taking 1040 feet of swarthy IRS bobo, followed by 502 feet of the same from Maryland. I hope his scars have fully healed from his operation, or else that's really gonna smart...

Bleah, late for work. Must get cleaned up and on the road... bad enough the load of crap I'm going to get from my cow-worker. TTFN....
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I'm really getting frickin' tired of intermittent issues with getting to the mail server. Seriously, does anyone have recommendations?
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...but this article in the Washington Post just gets my blood pressure rising. Yes, I am all for banning smoking in most public establishments that cater to the general public... [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac is allergic to it, and it isn't what I want to smell while eating dinner. However, if you set up an establishment for the sole purpose of smoking, like a cigar bar or tobacco lounge, what the fuck is the problem? If you walk into one of these places and want to bitch about the smoke, you should be beaten soundly and left in the dumpster around back. Smokers should not infringe on non-smoker's rights, but non-smokers should also stay off of smokers' backs when they try to establish a place that is just for smokers. And yes, I might be slightly biased because I like the occasional cigar, but the point still stands.

This is kind of like the private "mens" social clubs, and women who have this urge to force themselves upon these clubs. From where I sit, if the club is a private institution that receives no public funds and exists solely for the purpose of providing a social environment for men where they can interact just with other men, shouldn't they be able to dictate their membership requirements? We're not talking about public school athletics, or a business that hires only men, we're talking about the right for people to associate with others of their kind without having to deal with certain elements.

People just stick their damned noses in things where they got no damned business to do so. You got the restaurants, bars and malls... if the smokers want to create a little enclave for themselves and fellow smokers, let them have it. These people know what they're doing to themselves, so don't cop a holier-than-thou attitude about the concern for their heath... the concern is that someone might actually know the facts and decide to smoke anyway, thus thumbing their noses at your self righteous indignation.

End of sermon.
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I say "first" because I know there will be more rants... people in this area have a well deserved bad reputation for their driving in winter weather (actually, on dry pavement they're no great shakes either), and tonight's experience was no exception to the rule. Cut for profanity... )
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Submitted for your consideration, two articles from the not-so-conservative leaning Washington Post:
GOP Moves on Divergent Paths

GOP Moderates Unhappy with Party

I wonder if the so-called moderates in the GOP woke up and smelled the coffee themselves, or if the sheepconstituents in their districts looked up from their feeding troughssmelled it first and then threw it on the congresscritters? Ok, none of these folks are complete idiots (although some may feel this open to debate given their support of the Shrub's agenda up to this point), and it would take a complete idiot not to realize that right now being closely associated with the Shrub is a good way to lose an election (unless you are in a Fundie stronghold, in which case you're golden). Discord and chaos within the GOP is a good thing in my mind, and I fully support it (unlike much of the legislation and nominees they have put forth) in hopes of fragmenting the party sufficiently to make them lose control of Congress in 2008. Yes, 2008. I'm not sure if them GOP losing control of Congress in 2006 would be a good thing yet... mainly because if the Dems gain control in 2006 and we get two years of no progress it might have a serious impact on the presedential elections in 2008.

Of course, the Dems need to hold up their end of the deal if they want the White House and Congress in 2008:

  • Agree on a clear, unambiguous party platform. There was no real message in 2004, and it hurt the Dems badly IMNSHO.

  • Make sure that the platform does not involve gun control in any way, shape or form. It is a losing proposition, and I think there are enough damn laws on the books that people should just enforce them.*

  • Put forth a presedential candidate from the South (not Edwards), preferrably some who goes to church, has been an avid hunter all his life, and did an unremarkable [in any way] turn in the military, who speaks plainly about the party platform and the issues facing the nation. Yep, that rules out Hillary folks... she's not even an option, unless the Dems are truly interested in losing their shorts in the election.

This is the only way they are going to have a chance at getting back in power, especially if Giullianni (sic) runs for president in 2008. And they better start now.

*I would be curious to see some studies done on gun-related crime rates (preferrably by someone other than the National Rifle Association, even though I am a member) with concealed carry laws now on the books in so many states, taking into account how long the laws have been on the books and how many permits were issued in a given state. Of course, statistics is the third cannonical form of a lie, so the numbers could be tortured until they said what the researcher wanted.

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As per usual, I'm up to my buttocks in stuff to do. The Katsucon 12 web site is now mostly under control, but now I'm staring the invitation list and space allocation for Balticon 40 in the face. Invitations need to go out this weekend, and we need to get the draft prospectus into the hands of the hotel by December, so I'm in the hot seat [again]. Once that's done I need to focus my efforts on restoring the house to some semblance of order, because the Rampaging Anarchist Horde & Floating Gaming Party is descending upon us the weekend after Thanksgiving. The Goth Mountain Man will be helping out with that over the next week or two I hope, and I'm off the week of Thanksgiving, so I should be able to make some substantive progress not only around the homestead but also on some automation I've been trying to get to for managing the Balticon program. Of course, next weekend is EuroQuest III, so I ain't doing anything except playing games for that span of days.

We're not going to Cozumel in December. In July Hurricane Emily whacked the resort where we were planning on going in October, so we re-scheduled for the same resort in December, and then had to choose another resort because our first choice would not be open by December. So we chose Cozumel, which Wilma in turn beat the snot out of a few weeks ago, and we'll be rescheduling for sometime in 2006. Everything happens for a reason I guess - had Emily not done us dirty, we would have been in the Riviera Maya when Wilma hit.

Work has been the usual mix of good, bad and ugly, and has been chewing up much of my time. Click here for more details... the techie/geek types will probably be the most interested, or those who want to delve a bit into how I approach work... and yeah, it contains profanity... hey, I'm a programmer... )

Geebus. Two hours later, with interruptions from the phone, I am no further along with my Balticon work, so I shall end this update here. I'll try to be better, so it doesn't take so long next time... I really did start this as a brief update, but I just felt the need to spill. TTFN.

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Furnace doesn't want to light this morning. And temps are supposed to be low the next few days. Waiting to hear back from an HVAC service place... if I don't hear back soon, I'll start calling some other places (I typically use one of two businesses here in Fredneck, but one can't get to me immediately unless I have a service contract and the other I had to leave a message for a call back). Icing on top of the snafu that I've been dealing with at work stemming from dorked-up system installations, lack of procedures and people not taking the time to do things right the first time.

Ah, excellent. Second guy called back and said he could come out here before noon today. Hopefully this is just something like the selenoid/igniter/whatever, and not something that is going to require me to hemmorage money. Now to go set up some doctor appointments and off to work. More later when I can come up for air.

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A piece of advice for the MPAA (to which the RIAA has already turned a deaf ear): If you would actually produce higher quality product, people will actually pay for it, as long as you don't price it out of their market ($10+ per person to see a movie? Bite me Frodo...).

Another piece of advice for the Motion Picture Asshats Association and the Recording Industry Assholes Association: The folks who ain't paying for your product now probably won't ever pay for it. Think you're going to stop piracy? Take a look at the War on Drugs... it ain't happenin'.

More security at a film screening than to get on an airplane.... And incidentally, Declan's politechbot is available on LJ as the politech_bot syndicated feed.
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Everyone appears to be marking the passing of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, and I figured I would add my own jaundiced view of things. I'll be honest folks, the details of that day are not etched indelibly on my mind. I do remember my shock and surprise, and my own visceral desire for revenge upon those who would bring so much death and destruction down upon innocents. I remember being fairly certain that this time the USA would not stand idly by, that there would be a show of force. And I remember posturing, suspicion of anything and anyone of Arabic descent or Islamic belief, and resolve to never allow such a thing again on American soil.

So what do we have to show for the past four years of actions taken in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks?

...the PATRIOT Act, with its erosion of our civil liberties and 4th Amendment rights in the name of "security". The effects of this single piece of legislation, which Congress is considering making permanent for all intents and purposes, are too numerous to list... but remember the PATRIOT Act next time you check out a book from the library, donate to a charity (that could possibly be a front for a terrorist organization) or see in the news that a US citizen is being held indefinitely without charges being made because we are at war.

...the Department of FatherHomeland Security, which has absorbed and rendered almost entirely ineffectual such entities as FEMA and INS. Nevermind the fact that DHS has received quite a bit of funding that has added to our deficit, while those departments have gone down the toilet. Oh, and if you're feeling more secure because of DHS, let me ask you this - if we can't keep drugs out of the country, what makes you think we can keep terrorists out?

...expanded airport security, which pretty much has only managed to make the process of getting on the plane more difficult, and forces people to "show their papers" in order to fly even within the country. And yet somehow I don't feel any safer... perhaps it is because I've seen real airport security in other countries.

...speaking of travel, get ready to need a passport to travel to Canada or Mexico. Like if they can counterfeit a driver's license they can't counterfeit a passport?

...a prolonged military operation in Afghanistan. Remember Afghanistan, home of the Taliban and hiding place of Osama Bin Laden? Yeah, we're still there, with military resources being spent and occasional US lives being lost for a goal that I am not to clear on at the moment.

...another prolonged military operation, in Iraq of course. Many more dollars and many more soldiers' lives spent than Afghanistan, but with less justification. Nah, this isn't another Vietnam... but if the terrain in Iraq was like the terrain in Vietnam, it would be... a little harder to hide people in the dessert than it is to hide them in the jungle.

...the undying love of millions of Muslims around the world. Not that we were their favorite country before we decided to go in to finish what Bush Sr. couldn't, but nothing helps your standing in the popularity polls like marching into two predominantly Muslim sovereign nations loaded for bear.

...Abu Gharib (sp?) Prison and Gitmo Detention Center. What makes us better than other human rights violators again?

...no discernable change in the foreign policies that got us here in the first place. Like sticking our noses forcibly into situations that are none of our damn business, backing certain countries even when they are so completely wrong that it is obvious to everyone, and acting like we don't have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

I'm not saying don't take a moment of silence to remember those who died for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or to pray for their families and friends who were devastated by what came to pass. What I am saying is do more - the system may not be perfect, but it is the only one we got. Stay on your elected officials - don't let them think for a minute that trading civil liberties for the illusion of security is acceptable, or that pissing money away on that illusion of security is a good use of funds, or that the way that we flaunt the rules that apply to everyone else is all right. Enough people making enough noise might just shake them from their complacency. Because if we learn no lessons, and make no noise, things will not change. Do not let the deaths of those four years ago be in vain.


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