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Did you know that Lisa Snellings has a store on Etsy? Well, she does. All sorts of very cool creations from Lisa Snellings and various Strange Studios collaborators can be found at http://strangestudios.etsy.com.

If you are any kind of decent, compassionate human being you will go to the Strange Studios Etsy store right now and plunk down your hard earned cash for awesome Poppets and other manifestations of Lisa Snellings. Support the Lisa, and keep me from spending my bank account on cool stuff!

p.s., don't forget that Lisa Snellings still has auctions on eBay!

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So... what's a Poppet? Lisa Snellings and her cadre of slightly twisted collaborators have many delightfully cute and creepy things for sale over on eBay. Go check out the poppetses, the foppetses, the braaaaains and other manifestations from the imagination of Lisa and her friends. Take your PayPal account with you, and buy early and often - but keep yer grubby mitts off the Poppet Train, mmmmkay??
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So... what's a Poppet?

Poppets are cute, and maybe a little creepy. And now you can check out what we know about Poppets for a "closer look" at these intriguing little beings.
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Yes, you! Lisa Snellings-Clark has dreamed up some new Poppety-goodness, which you can check out in this post on her blog. Don't be late - get your orders in now so that you can suprise that special someone on Valentine's Day. Nothing says "I <3 You" like a Poppet. Or two. I mean really, look at them, you can't buy just one.


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Lisa Snellings-Clark has kicked off her Play With Toys sale on eBay. Lisa was the Art GoH at Balticon 40, and she makes some really cool stuff (he sez, as he looks at a shelf in the bookcase populated by Poppets, rats and other offspring of Lisa's imagination). Check out her auctions over the next couple of days, and you might just see something you'll feel the unresistable urge to bid onlike, as well as maybe see more pieces of art that are the product of collaboration between Lisa and [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac.

While you're at it, check out Poppet Planet for more Poppety goodness!



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