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Breakthrough of the Podcast Authors

Scott Sigler, J.C. Hutchins and others have taken an alternate route to getting their stories published - first by establishing a rabid fan base with their free podiobooks, then by leveraging that fan base to acquire deals to publish those books in dead tree editions with major publishing houses. If Scott Sigler's "Infected" is any indication, taking on product from podcast authors might well be a very good investment for those print houses.

If you're wondering why we broke out New Media into its own program track, it's because [livejournal.com profile] pafischer saw what was coming down the pike, and made a case for investing space and time on the emerging wave of genre fiction coming out of the podcasting arena. It looks like that was a good investment on our part too.

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I guess technically this wasn't my first time participating in a podcast, since [livejournal.com profile] ravynmaniac and I were interviewed by [livejournal.com profile] pafischer for the Balticon Podcast prior to Balticon 40. Howsomever, I was nervous as hell as I headed down the highway this afternoon for a live recording of the end of year news special extravaganza edition of Command Line with [livejournal.com profile] pafischer, his lovely wife Martha and our gracious host cmdln. I was a little surprised and more than a little flattered to receive the invitation to participate, and had more than a little performance anxiety. I'm going out on a limb here by blogging this now, since I'm still waiting for the feed to finish downloading, and I have no idea how feeb I sound or if I was trying too hard. What's really important is to pimp the Command Line podcast, which won the 2007 Parsec Award for Best Tech Podcast, which in retrospect is not surprising given cmdln's high level of interest in technology and its impact on policy and society.

So go check out the end of year news special extravaganza edition of Command Line, and while you're at it check out the podcast archives. If you have any interest in technology and policy, and technology's impact on society, you'll be glad you did.


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