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The last time I made a post of substance, it was about how someone incredibly special had entered my life. Since then the story of this evolving relationship and how incredibly happy I've been these past few months has largely been chronicled in short bursts on my Facebook page or on Twitter. Apparently there are some details that have fallen through the cracks, quite likely because I'm sometimes obtuse, or because following other people's life sagas through social networks is like drinking from a fire hose, or because I've just simply omitted those details. At any rate, I reckon I owe everyone an update, which is behind the cut... )

Obviously there are many details I have left out, and the devil is in the details, so I'm sure there will be questions. I might even answer a few. Maybe. But either way, thanks for listening.

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Good morning everyone... yes, I'm alive, although I think someone passed along the Faire equivalent of con crud. Not that lack of sleep during the past week coupled with a break-neck schedule would make me susceptible to random germs at all. Nope, not a bit.

So, I reckon some of you might be wondering why I chose now of all times to clear away the dusty cobwebs from my journal. Read More, If You Dare... )


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