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Sheik Abdul Sattar Abu Reesha, a Sunni who was a kay factor in forming a Sunni coalition in Anbar province to crack down on Al Qaeda activity was killed by a roadside bomb. While it is unclear as to whether Al Qaeda or a rival faction was behind the bombing, one thing seems abundantly clear - brother once again kills brother. How can we expect to bring peace to a region where inter-faction aggresion is de rigeur, and has been for centuries? How much blood must be spilled before people will see that violence and aggression do not solve anything? Isn't the fact that we've been practicing it long enough to have perfected violenace and agression, and still have a world full of strife, enough?
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Dear Vice President Cheney:

Could you kindly explain what the f*ck has changed???.

Regards, an angry American.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kradical for this link to then SecDef Cheney explaining why it was a bad idea to invade Iraq at the end of Desert Storm.

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John J. Sheehan explains why he refused to serve in the role of implementation manager for the war in Iraq. He pretty much sums up the wrong-headedness of the current administration, and why we're going nowhere fast.
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As of a little while ago, Saddam Hussein was hanged for "crimes against humanity". As the subject says, I am conflicted, in more ways than one. Although the man undoubtedly committed many attrocities as a result of his insecurity and megalomania, this country served as an "enabler" for many years by supporting Hussein's regime as the opposition to the radical fundamentalist Islamic government of Iran. Much in the same way that we supported Osama Bin Laden as the leader of the insurgency in Afghanistan against the invading Soviets. Hubris is but one of many crimes of which this country is guilty, in expecting that we would be able to control these socio-paths, then acting surprised and offended when they have bitten the hands that have fed them for so long.

The painful truth is that in our bids to play kingmaker, the United States has caused more troubles for itself in the long run. Not content with simply protecting our interests abroad, there seems to be this need to manipulate events and internal politics, and for what? Saddam Hussein took the weapons, training and money we funneled into Iraq and made a royal nuisance of himself, ultimately costing the lives of many Americans in a war that has made us no safer than we were in September 2001. Nor have we really made Iraq that much safer for its inhabitants, have we? I'm not even going to start on the whole Osama Bin Laden thing... we fucked ourselves good with that little jaunt, didn't we?

Saddam Hussein is dead. Dubya will undoubtedly make some pointless statement about how this marks an end to a horrible era, but that much work remains to be done in Iraq. In other words, more lives will be lost, more money will be wasted, in a pointless attempt to somehow save face. Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it... the sad state of affairs is that some of the same advisors to Dubya were there to see the Vietnam War end as a total catastrophe. Those arrogant bastards should know better dammit!

Here's a novel idea: let's get our noses out of other countries' governments. Who gives a rat's white fanny if the government is composed of Islamic fundamentalists? As long as they don't mess with our interests, what the hell is the problem? If they start messing with our interests, then go in and kick the shit out of them... at least then we'll have some kind of "just cause". Because the tack we've been taking isn't working folks... all we've managed to do is piss a bunch of people off because we want to tell them how to live their lives. At least we pay taxes for that privelege.

Saddam Hussein, may you rest in peace. Yours was a troubled soul, and if there is such a thing as reincarnation, perhaps you will get a chance to start making up for those things you did in this life. What you did was wrong, let there be no doubt, but you weren't alone in your perfidity.


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