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So, I called out of work yesterday, because I was falling asleep at traffic lights. True story. Hadn't had a decent night's sleep in three days, in spite of taking my sleep meds. Can you say S-T-R-E-S-S?

Even as exhausted as I was, I still had to take sleep meds to get to sleep during the day - took a half dose so I wouldn't sleep until like 10 PM and then be up all night. Thunder storm woke me up about 4 hours later, and I groggily passed the rest of the day at the computer, doing nothing else but getting a load of dishes on. Eventually I throw in the towel, take some sleep meds, and head for bed.

The rest of the night is spent in one hour increments, waking up and wondering WTF is going on. I have weird dreams - lots of them. Which is passing strange because if I do dream I almost never remember that I dreamed - does that make sense? But the dreams were weird, involving the meditation center, my meditation instructor, me walking around in my underwear at one point, and ending up in a tunnel / sewer some place with writing in blood (I'm assuming that's why it was red) appearing on the wall of the tunnel and disappearing as we attempted to read it by lighter / matches. I mean it was just plain not the usual kind of thing my brain chews on, or at least chews on and shares with me.

And no, I did not read any of J.C. Hutchins' "Personal Effects: Dark Art" yesterday in spite of it arriving shortly after I was awakened by the thunder storm. This was my own messed up psyche playing games with me. Why, I have no idea, but it is damned inconvenient.

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I'm not sure why, but I had even more trouble getting to sleep tonight than last night, and that is saying something. I couldn't seem to get comfortable for some reason, and it just didn't feel like my CPAP mask was on quite right. So about 2:15 I said "f*ck it", and got up. I'd been idling about, hoping that maybe I'd start to feel sleepy, but no dice. I guess my stress level with all the things left undone has reached the "and you're not getting any sleep either" stage. *sigh*

Anywhoot, since I am up, I might as well close out some tabs and post some links for y'all. No sense in me being the only one wasting time, now is there?

  • From Boing Boing, small USB speakers that don't suck. Very interesting. Anyone come across these before?

  • From the local Seattle newspaper (well, it's local if you're in Seattle, so bite me), that butter aroma might be toxic, too. No really, they found yet another thing that's bad for you. Like breathing the air and drinking the water aren't bad enough.

  • On a more serious note, another link from Boing Boing is probably worth a read regarding the militarization of our police and raids gone wrong. Aggression only begets more aggression, and our ill-founded "War on Drugs" continues to entrench itself in daily American life deeper than any of the anti-terrorism crap. Hey Sparky, you can't keep drugs out of this country, what makes you think you can keep out terrorists and the nasties they want to spring on the good old U S of A? Here's a novel idea - decriminalize drugs, treat it like a health problem, and spend the savings on protecting our borders. Like that'll do any good either.

  • From Jared Axelrod over on Twitter, comes a link to Shapeshifter, which is a very interesting little bit of animation tool-kit-ery. Web-based, using a limited number of base shapes, folks have come up with some really neat stuff.

  • From the Washington Post, D.C. Asks Supreme Court to Back Gun Ban. This could bring the two schools of thought on how to interpret the Second Amendment - personal right vs. civil/community right. Thanks for the ambiguity, almighty founders of this country. I personally believe in the individual's right to own firearms - yes, I know what I said about aggression. I think the authors of the U.S. Constitution were thinking (and I seem to remember some kind of quote attributable to one of them that bespeaks armed insurrection) that the only way to keep a tyrannical government in check is for the citizenry to be armed. It's the only language some chuckleheads understand, including you-know-who in the big white house.

  • Also from the Washington Post, Yossi Melman says cut out the hyprocrisy on terrorism. Amen brother, I couldn't have said it better myself. In many ways the various sovereign nations have created the quagmiresituation we're in with these terrorist elements. If we'd kept our noses out of other people's business and focused on our own domestic programs, I suspect that the number of people who hate the U.S> would be significantly less.

  • To end on a serious but humorous note by way of Evo Terra on Twitter, here's an "attention grabbing" approach to promoting breast cancer awareness - Save 2nd Base! Yes, it's cheesy, but you won't soon forget it, which is rather the point isn't it???

Half an hour is enough on this. Note that I am still not sleepy. S-T-R-E-S-S.

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Another sleepless night... my brain shut down on me around 8:30 this morning, and I feel pretty crappy ATM. I am pretty much convinced that the root cause for this problem is stress, but unfortunately the stress is not just going to up and disappear. There are too many things which require my attention, and not enough down time for me to do some of the things I want to do. In other words, like most of the other inhabitants of this planet.

So, what's going on dude? )

Anyway, I feel better now... writing is catharsis sometimes. Kind of like therapy, without the co-pay.


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