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This one is for [livejournal.com profile] cracklecat... I about had an "accident" reading this strip from Questionable Content...
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A smattering of linkage for your delectation.
  • From my buddy Todd in Illinois, for folks who are into Magic: the Addiction, I give you Katrina: the Gathering. Some folks are just not right, and have way too much time on their hands.

  • From Francis Reid via a humor list to which I am subscribed, an update of a childhood favorite toy: Mr. Picassohead.

  • Once you tire of Mr. Picassohead, more games can be found at MoG, a catalog of links to various Flash, Shockwave and other online games. Say you saw it on /.

  • From my good friend and kindred political spirit Mike, Dunbya does a chilling rendition of George Michael's Faith

  • And last but not least, I must share Gorillaz with those of you might have been living under a rock. Steve Stiles, old school fanziner piqued my interest in this project this Balticon, and their single "Feel Good Inc." has been bouncing around in my skull for weeks. Check out the video for Feel Good Inc., and while you are at it the video for Dare as well. Clicking on the [Exit] sign gets you to the other videos, and the site is a totally interactive game of sorts. Enjoy!

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Ok, maybe it is a little violent, but it is pretty damn funny... from the depths of my mailbox, the story of what happens on your PC when you leave it unattended overnight. GMMFAO.
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I can't even describe it... but some folks have way too much time on their hands... enjoy!


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