Mar. 9th, 2007 10:08 am
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Genesis announces reunion tour!!!

The lineup of Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins, along with long time tour supporting cast members Daryl Strumer and Chester Thompson are hitting the road in 2007.

Genesis is one of my very favorite bands, having gotten into them back in high school. The only thing cooler would be the inclusion of Peter Gabriel, and the perfomance of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway". Must sign up for fan club now (I generally don't do such things) so that I can have some chance at decent seats when the tickets go on sale. For those who are curious, Sunday September 23 @ the WhoreVerizon Center in D.C., and Tuesday September 19 @ the Walk-All-Over-YaWachovia Center in Philly. Looks like the closest they'll get to you [livejournal.com profile] anthraces is Chicago, and the D.C. show is in September so there is very little chance of blizzards. <g>

Hell Yeah!!

Nov. 7th, 2006 12:22 pm
daecabhir: (Party On!)
Genesis announces reunion tour!

That's right, a reunion. As in Tony, Mike and Phil. I am especially psyched by Tony's comment that "the tour would give fans the chance to hear a side of the band that went beyond their hits." Just the thought of hearing some of the more obscure stuff live gives me reason to smile. I will so be anticipating US tour dates.

"Who the fook is Genesis?" - Angus Young


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