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I know I haven't exactly been forthcoming with detals about my move from Fredneck to Bawlmer, including the simple detail that I have moved to Bawlmer. So in concise bullet form I give you details of a sort:

Nitpicky details on how things have progressed behind the cut... )

So where am I in Bawlmer? On S. Potomac Street between Baltimore and Lombard. Highlandtown, hon. Near Canton, but most definitely Highlandtown. About four or five blocks from the BSFS building. About 20 minutes from work (where I am spending way too much time) and 20 minutes from the meditation center (where I am spending way too little time), in one of those "borderline" neighborhoods. If you've lived in Bawlmer, you knoiw what I mean by that,

I haven't had much time to settle in, but observations are popping in my head from time to time, soi you will likly see more posts. Until then, youse have a good one, k hon?

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Ok, I know some folks live in big cities, with commensurate crime rates. Even though Frednck is the largest city in the state of Maryland by population, we're just not used to alot of violent crimes or gruesome deaths. In the past month however, we've had a strip mall burnt to the ground during a robbery of a liquor store, and now the mysterious death of a family of Salvadorans, minus mom who has not been seen in almost two weeks. I mean, Christ on a crutch people, this kinda shit ain't supposed to happen out here.


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