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Report: U.S. "preparing the battlefield" in Iran

Sabre rattling, weapon brandishing, prick waving. George Carlin called it the "Bigger Dick Theory" of foreign relations. The fact that time and again governments all over this planet return to violence as the sole method for resolving situations is just bloody depressing. That the Shrub and his band of thugs would be pushing an agenda of covert violence against Iran is unfortunately not all that surprising. If you have any interest in not seeing "more of the same" for the next four years, don't vote for McCain.

Two interesting points raised last night at the picnic:

  • There is still time for people to write, call, fax and otherwise contact their Senators about this abomination that is the latest update to the ironically named Patriot Act. For whatever reason, most likely because they don't want to lose out on campaign money and they don't want to appear soft on terrorism, this latest update grants full immunity to the telecoms for their role in the warrantless wiretaps AND makes much of what the Shrub had been doing legal for all intents and purposes. FISA was put in place specifically because a standing president had felt he was above the law, and now Congress is going to give him carte blanche. WTF?

  • Pelosi and Reid have taken impeachment off the table. Why isn't the presumptive Democratic nominee taking them aside and asking "WTF**2???". The Shrub has committed more egregious crimes against this country than Slick Willy or Tricky Dick, and impeachment is off the table? Jeebus.

It makes me ill just thinking about it. While you're writing to your elected officials about the Patriot Act, please write their counterparts in the House and explain to them that impeachment should not be off the table.


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