Sep. 5th, 2009

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Did you know that Lisa Snellings has a store on Etsy? Well, she does. All sorts of very cool creations from Lisa Snellings and various Strange Studios collaborators can be found at

If you are any kind of decent, compassionate human being you will go to the Strange Studios Etsy store right now and plunk down your hard earned cash for awesome Poppets and other manifestations of Lisa Snellings. Support the Lisa, and keep me from spending my bank account on cool stuff!

p.s., don't forget that Lisa Snellings still has auctions on eBay!

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So, here's where things stand with me in brief:

  • I have returned from Wisconsin. It was time well spent, and I was sad to leave, but at the same time I was happy to be home. Highlights of the visit included reading bedtime stories to niece and nephew, spending time in the park, playing Arkham Horror with [ profile] scubaninja and his wife, and meeting Twitter pal HappiForever.

  • Work has been eating me alive, with high priority deliverables that involve components outside of our control. Never mind the fact that I seem to be spending the majority of my time managing technical resources, project deliverables and documentation rather than doing techie things.

  • Quite bluntly, the house is a fscking wreck. I need downtime which I ain't gonna get, so I'm going to be Commander Cranky Pants until such time as the clutter is managed. Getting a handle on it is one of this weekend's challenges.

  • Tomorrow I will be attempting to gather up my remaining possessions from the ex-house in Fredneck, such that no more running back and forth across the state is required. Some pre-sorting needs to occur to avoid brining things that don't need to come with me (hello Goodwill, recycling and Mr. Dumpster), but there will still be items that end up in self-storage for dealing with later.

  • This weekend I return my focus to meditation practice, study and contemplation. I am coordinating Shambhala Level I training next weekend, and the new companion class for five Tuesday evenings after that. I've needed something to give me a push in the direction of leaning into my practice, and this is the ticket.

  • Otherwise, life is the usual kind of expected chaos. There are many loose ends, bills and other oddiments that need to be addressed. In other words, SNAFU.


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